Ecclesia For about 6 years I (and therefore The Well) have been relationally connected to about 10 or so church planters from all over the US. These men and women have been a great encouragement and been great partners in the gospel for us.

From this relational network of pastors / church planters grew a new network of missional churches called Ecclesia. This year we are having our second national gathering in the Washington DC area and we’ll be playing host to David Fitch (author of The Great Giveaway) and Alan Hirsch (author of The Forgotten Ways).

I love the format of our gatherings because they are so relational. Its a great mix of hearing from people who have been there and have tried stuff and informal discussions about practical issues related to planting and leading missional churches. This year proves to be another stimulating time. I’m even planning on doing one of the shorter sessions on the topic of Stewardship in the Local Church.

Check out all the details at our website.