Ed Stetzer, who is a pretty good all around guy and solid thinker about the church and mission recently did an interview for the website called “The Subtext.”

I met Ed at an event in Philly and I was quickly impressed with not only his understanding of the gospel, culture and mission but also his need to constantly make jokes. It’s clear that he was the class clown in grade school! Needless to say he’s my kind of guy.

Anyways, go ahead and read this interview here. It’s good.

Here is an excellent excerpt:

“Some pastors hate the suburbs. If you hate the suburbs, stop whining about it and move into the city. I have done both and find them both in deep need of the gospel. It is trendy to mock the suburbs — I have done it myself, calling them the “vast suburban wasteland.” Well, it may be, but everywhere is a wasteland without Jesus. So, if you are called to pastor in the suburbs, dig deep and engage its culture — look for bridges over which the gospel will travel and expose the idols that the gospel must destroy.”

Amen to that.

It took me a while but I am right there. I don’t hate the suburbs anymore. I think they are one of the hardest places to do mission, community and witness to a risen messiah. But, I’m always up for a good challenge…