One of the more challenging things (Among many others) with being a pastor at The Well is the constant need for us define if we are an “emerging church” or not.  I’m not going to get into that here, I’ve already done so elsewhere. But, I believe the reason this question gets asked so often (mostly only by Christians, those who aren’t Christians don’t seem to care so much) is because there is so much misunderstanding and confusion about what the emerging church actually is (or isn’t).

So, in an effort to bring about better understanding I am going to be leading an emerging church reading group this summer. In this group, we’ll basically spend the summer reading through some of the key texts around this topic. The intent of this group is not to come to a final conclusion on whether the emerging church is evil or not, but rather, the goal will be understanding.

So, here is my question for all you emerging church “experts” out there.  What books would you include in this study if you could only choose four? Why only four? Mostly, that’s all we have time for.

I’m mostly looking for “source material” here when it comes to the topic.  I’ve got my own ideas and my own list but I’d love to hear your ideas.

Oh, if you are from the Philly area and are interested in being part of this group please let me know.  We’ll meet at least once a month during the summer (maybe more) and it’s more than likely we’ll have some surprise guests.