This weekend we are hosting a fashion, art and justice show at The Well. This is the second time we have hosted a fashion show. Last year we did the same thing and ended up with about 250 people in our space and I would guess that 85% of them weren’t from our church (or any church at all for that matter). It was a great night but one of the things it lacked was some obvious sense of hope. There was hope, in fact, some of the models were really impressed that a church would relate to them in this way and it gave some student designers a great chance to have a lower pressure show under their belt.

This year however, we wanted to take the advice that i received from Joe Myers where he said that one of the best things we can do when we do these shows is to provide a very concrete sense of hope and community. Last year we had the community thing down (if you doubt that our one time event of a show is legitimate community than you need to read Joe’s first book).

But this year we are really making an effort at providing the hope thing by giving all our proceeds to the International Justice Mission (by proceeds I mean: donations). IJM is doing some amazing things in the world and we’re excited to support them. We are having Samantha from our church who is the leader of our justice team share a bit about IJM during the middle of the fashion show and then we are also having the great guys from One Village Coffee share for a minute or three about how their new business start up is helping local farmers in third world countries.

I’ll be ending the intermission thanking everyone for coming and supporting these causes and sharing a short tiny bit about why our church supports these things.

We’re looking forward to a great night and I wanted to invite any of you who are close…

The show starts at 7:00pm and goes till whenever. Directions are at The Well’s website.

Oh, Here is a video from last year’s show.