So, The Well is hosting a fashion/art show on Saturday night at 8pm in our space in Feasterville.

You might be asking yourself “Why would a church have a fashion show?!” Well, the answer can be found in a few reasons:

First, you might not realize this, but for many people fashion is art.
Just like our artists, we want to give people a chance to express their creativity.

Second, we believe this is a great opportunity to connect God, Jesus and his Church with an industry that is not necessarily known for its spiritual fruit.

Third, we believe that there can be something redemptive about an art show that does not degrade women and men by emphasizing them as objects but rather valuing them and not exploiting them. All the fashions and clothing are being carefully selected.

Of course, the fashion will be accompanied by some great artists and their art also…

Please pray for us this Saturday night. Please pray that we can make some great friendships that night. Please pray that people would sense the love of Jesus in the way we relate and carry our selves.

Some how we actually have a number of news outfits coming this weekend (phillystyle magazine and a few other local papers).