Over the past few weeks I have been struck with the fact that Americans are basically looking for a president who will:

  1. Fix our country’s financial crisis
  2. Figure out what to do with the mess in Iraq 
  3. Guarantee protection from all possible terrorist attacks
  4. Reform Healthcare.
  5. Find a solution to social security

Okay, I’ll stop there.  But I could go on.

But here’s my problem.  

We want those things.  Heck, we need those things. But most Americans are asking for the farm while willing to give very, very little.

Fix my country.  Just don’t raise my taxes.  

Care for the poor, just don’t ask me to help.  

Fix healthcare, but don’t inconvenience me.  

I think evidence of this is seen by the fact that most of the campaign commercials from both sides have to do with lowering taxes and which candidate would be better for your household’s bottom line.  

It’s not the candidates faults that they are playing to this idea.  If they don’t talk about lowering taxes, they won’t get elected. 

But, I would love to hear a candidate say someday, “We have a lot of challenges and opportunities here in the great country of America. We have a healthcare crisis.  We have a financial crisis.  We have a multi-faceted foreign relation crisis.  And I’ll be honest.  For us to figure it out its going to take a lot of sacrifice from all of us.”

Of course, that candidate wouldn’t get elected.  But it would make me feel better.

(Another issue here is that we all a little jaded about how our taxes are used.  Often we don’t see direct results from the money that comes out of our paychecks each week/month.  I’d love regular updates about what kind of change and advancements are made because of the taxes that I am giving to my country.  I say if the government can’t tell us some good solid examples, they have no right taking our money.  It would be some good accountability).