It was a typical day here…work at Starbucks, getting together with a new friend to talk about the church, flying over the Philly Suburbs in a small plane…what? Flying?! Yeah, that’s what I said!

Man, today was one of those days were it is totally God. The last few days I have been frustrated with raising support, not being able to pour my time into ministry at JVC and working too many hours at Starbucks, family health problems (Melaine’s 83 year old grandmother just went into the hospital with stomach pains, turns out she has multiple tumors in her body, Melanie went to be with her family this morning for the weekend – keep them in prayer) . Just been in one of those frustrated states lately.

Today was one of those days where God sets stuff up and totally encourages you. I got together with a new friend for lunch to talk about the “emerging church” (for lack of better word!) and what we are doing at JVC. We had a great conversation and it was totally encouraging to meet someone new from my seminary who is excited about what we are doing in our small community. Turns out Bob sells planes small Cessna planes for a living. He was kind enough to take me up for about an hour fight this afternoon. We flew up all around the area. We even got take a little trip over the meeting place for our church. We snapped some digital pictures, I’ll post em when he send them to me. What was even cooler was this man, who knew me for a grand total of 3 hours! let take control of the plane for about five minutes or so. That was a little wierd for sure. All in all, it was just a great break from the “stuff” of life lately…what I believe was an appointment set up by God. Hopefully the time was great for Bob as well.

Well, thanks for being an encouragement Bob…