Over the last two years I have blogged I have noticed some sure fire ways to get a lot of people to read your blog.

Here are my six can’t miss strategies:

Write a book
Okay. its really this simple. Want a lot of people to read your blog? this is a sure fire way. Okay, it’s slightly important that you write a good book. I’ll be honest, when I read a blog written by someone who is supposedly an authority on a topic, all the sudden I find what they say has weight.

Be well known or a popular leader
If you are somewhat famous (in our small Christian world) people will read your blog. I guess the thinking is, if you have a big church or somehow well known you must be really smart.

Name drop as much as possible
If you are not famous yourself, its really helpful to take advantage of your famous friends by making sure everyone knows that you have famous / well known friends. It’s always good to objectify your friends this way. Of course, this goes back to the thought that “its not what you know its who you know.” (This is too bad because some of the best blogs I read are by people who no one knows about).

Be a jerk
This is another the sure fire way to get lots of people to read your blog. For some reason the jerks are the ones who attract all the attention in the blog world. It’s kind of like when you are on the highway and you drive by that horrible wreck and for some reason you just can’t stop staring at the carnage even though you know its not helpful and all it does is depress you.

Be “anti” something
there are a few blogs that have made a living by being against something or being against a blog that is against something. I this follows the accident on the highway reaction like the jerk bloggers.

Kiss the butts of other famous bloggers
one good way is to kiss butt of all the famous bloggers out there and hope that they will link to you. The best way to do this is this: whenever a the famous blogger writes a post, don’t respond to the post with observations or further thoughts. Instead, just tell them how cool they are over and over again.

(by the way, if you didn’t read sarcasm in to this post, go ahead and read it again)