We’re doing our summer missions trip this year a little differently. We’re going to the far away land of Feasterville, PA! Yes, that’s right. Feasterville. The hotbed of today’s youth culture… or something like that.

Two years ago we went to New Orleans. Last year we went to Philadelphia. Next summer looks like another trip to Zambia. But this summer we’re staying local. Gary has lined up a week full of serving the poor in our suburban area and its shaping up to be an awesome week.

One of the highlights of the week will be the Thursday night when we are hosting the “Bucks County Forum on Suburban Poverty.” We’re basically bringing in four local leaders from different types of organizations and will have some discussion around this important issue: suburban poverty.

Did you know that as of the 2004 census, for the first time more poor Americans live in the suburbs than the cities? (source)

Check out our little website for the forum.

Be sure to clear your schedule if you are in the area and come on out.

Also, don’t forget our follow up to this conference with Al Hsu on August 8th for a discussion specifically on the Church in suburbia.