So, I brought in the new year in four distinct, yet hopeful conversations…

1 – had a conversation with a former starbucks customer of mine that wants to come out to church because he feels the need for something spiritual in his life.

2 – had a conversation with a new friend who came to The Well for the first time tonight and is really interested in learning more about what we are doing and why a church would host concerts and art shows like we do. he promised to stop by The Well sometime this week and talk more.

3 – had a conversation with someone who was slightly drunk about how she sees angels on a regular basis.

4 – had a conversation with another new friend who started off the conversation with “now, i’m slightly drunk, so i am just going to ramble, but, you are a minister aren’t you?” We spent the next little bit talking about his beliefs as an ex-catholic and now taoist, my beliefs and faith in general. a great conversation really.

oh, and just to ease any possible questions, the first two were at the concert at The Well tonight. The ones with the slightly drunk friends were at a house after the concert tonight where another friend of mine invited me.

I would hope that this beginning to 2006 is a taste of what is to come this year. very few things excite me more than being able to be in genuine relationships and friendships with people where we can freely talk about God, faith and life.

Speaking of the end of the year, in the next day or two I will be doing my obligitory end of the year post. its been a great year full of all kinds of good stuff and i look forward to creatively sharing what God has done with my family and our community.

update: so, apparently, guy #4 threw up about 6 times in the livingroom, bathroom, kitchen sink and tub after i left. he may not be remembering our conversation…oh well…