99 Years of Cubs Misery. As if we need to be reminded!

Erika Haub has a great little post on fancy cars in Hollywood. Read that one in the context of her latest post on the crime in the neighborhood she lives in.

For you techies, this plugin from google integrates WordPress and a Google Calendar.

My philadelphia, suburban neighbor, Scott Berkemier writes a great post on Entertainment and the Suburban Condition. In case you missed his post, “Professionalization and the Suburban Condition” you should check that out too. While we’re at it, why don’t you just go read his awesome post on “Isolation and the Suburban Condition

Al Hsu is writing about the thing i am probably most passionate about in the post “The New Suburbanites.” I look forward to seeing what happens with this. (Shameless plug: Al is speaking The Well on the church & suburbia in August of this year).

One of the links that Al points to is this impressive piece on “Growing Sustainable Suburbs: An Incremental Strategy for Reconstructing Sprawl.”