I would be remiss (and a jerk) if I didn’t mention that my co-pastor, side-kick, friend and all around good guy Gary Alloway is now blogging. For those of you know Gary, you know that this is a big deal.

A few thoughts about Gary and why you should not only visit his blog often, but subscribe to his blog in your RSS reader:

  1. Gary is awesome.
  2. Gary is funny.
  3. Gary kicks butt as a pastor.
  4. You can learn a lot from Gary.
  5. Gary thinks you would be cool if you read his blog.
  6. Gary is a city guy at heart intentionally living in the suburbs. This brings an amazing dynamic to his leadership in our setting.

Ok. Go read his blog. Now. I’m certain that reading his most recent post will hook you.

Subscribe via RSS and if you are a blogger give him some link lovin’ too.