Ever wonder why some companies are just good and others turn into something great? In the same thought, ever wonder why some churches are just good and others are great? (of course, your defination of “great” in the church world makes a big difference how you answer that question – for arguments sake let’s answer it this way – “A church where the reign of God is present in the community because of that particular community of faith” – notice this has nothing to do with size of ministry, it has to do with effect of ministry). anyways, Brad and I are reading a great book:


This book takes 11 major companies who made the transition from simply good companies to great companies that were sustained for the long haul and looks at the things that were true to each of these companies. Despite it being written for the business world, this book is an amazing companion for anyone in church ministry. it should be a seminary read in my mind.

for the record, i have now read 165 pages and i started this book yesterday afternoon…pretty engaging to say the least…