So, in less than 48 hours we are going to be holding our new son. (In case you are new around here, my wife and I are adopting a son from Guatemala). We started this process in January, 2006. So, as I am sure you can imagine we’re just a tad excited. Truth be told though, I have barely been able to process the idea in my brain let alone my heart. I am not too sure what kinds of emotions will come over me for the next few days. But, I am sure it will hit me either once we get on the plane or when we’re meeting the foster mom on Friday.

So, here is the approximate schedule for us this week while we are in Guatemala City:


1:30pm – Our Flight leaves after dropping Cole off at a friends house. He’ll be staying with Ryan and Michelle Kelly till Sunday and then he’ll be with Melanie’s parents till Wednesday when we get back. We were just gone from him for a week when I did a wedding at the Jersey Shore and he really missed us. Hopefully this week isn’t too hard on him.

6:50pm – We arrive in Guatemala City after being routed through Miami and settle into the Westin Hotel.


Morning: Sleep in and try and figure out how to order breakfast in Spanish. “Donde esta los breakfast burritos?”

1:30pm 10:00am – Meet Mason! We’ll be meeting the foster mom, our lawyer and the interpreter in the lobby of the motel. From what I understand, they will bring him, we’ll meet and then they will leave him with us. I am sure there will be some paperwork with the lawyers or something. We’re going to do our best to get someone to record this whole thing if at all possible.

Saturday – Sunday:

All Day – Hang out with our little boy. We’ll probably spend some time swimming and resting and pretty much bonding with him. I’ve brought some good books to read when he’s sleeping. We are also scheduled to take a personalized tour of Antigua at some point too which I have heard is absolutely beautiful.


6:45 am – Get up and head to the American Embassy to file all the paperwork and apply for his visa. Praying that we have everything we need and its this goes smoothly.

Afternoon – hang out at the pool if its not raining (which I think its supposed to!)


Sometime – Pick up the paperwork we applied for on Monday.

Rest of the day – Do whatever.


8:45am – Board the plane to fly home.

8:30pm – Arrive in Philadelphia after connecting through Dallas/Ft. Worth.

9:30ish – Cole and Mason meet for the first time.

Thursday and following:

All day, everyday: Begin the rest of our lives with Mason as a permanent part of our family!


10:30am – I’ll be preaching at The Well and talking about our experience in connection with how God adopts us as sons and daughters. I am sure this won’t be emotional at all!

Oh, from what I understand there is sporadic internet access down there and its expensive but I’ll be posting updates, photos and possibly videos during the week.

You follow along on this blog or my wife’s blog.

Ok. Now I have to finish up work and then get packed…