I’ve not ever had someone else post on my blog before. But there is a first time for everything. Shanna Cummings is a member of The Well and we had some neat discussion around the topic of the presence of God. So, I asked her if she wanted to write something to share with you all. Here is her gift to you. Leave her more comments than you leave me!

God is here.
Let it ROCK your world.

God is here.
A commitment to intimacy.
It does not have to be something I feel.
It IS something I trust.
It is a trust that I rest my faith on.

God is here.
It is true.

So true, that the full comprehension of the truth,
must reshape my world.

I consent to Your presence and action within me.
Let me be faithful.

You will not abandon me.
Let me not abandon You.

Strengthen my will.
Strengthen my love.

Let me live with your motivation.
Power my soul.

Let me need You,

The truth of God being present in our life in every moment is earth shattering. God is here. This means that laundry is an opportunity to serve and that every moment is vital.

This is not to infuse those moments with pressure and stress. But to infuse those moments with power.

This is a truth that we take for granted. I mean, we know that God is here. Sure we do. But do we live that God is here?

Because, really, it should change our perspectives.

It should infuse our lives with power.

It should free us to live that abundant life we are promised.