My wife and I are deep in the midst of a move to a new apartment so I am really looking forward to next week where we’ll get out of here and spend a couple of days in Los Angeles from Feb 25 – March 2.

We are headed out there mainly for an conference called IdeaCamp which is a really cool looking unconference kind of conference.

Here is a short description:

The Idea Camp is a FREE, open source hybrid conference designed to help people move from the realm of ideas to implementation…We are gathering some of the most innovative and creative leaders from around the country (this means YOU!) to share ideas, intentionally network, and move collaboratively into idea-making…the focus of this conference will be on the participants (yes, You!) and not on keynote speakers. We function under the belief that the crowd is always smarter and wiser than any one speaker.

I’ll be leading one of the workshop conversations around the topic of the missional church in suburbia (info here). I basically have about 10 minutes to present and then the rest of the time will be on conversation and discussion. I am really looking forward to tossing around some ideas I’ve had around this topic and seeing how others are processing the same things.

We’ll be sticking around for Sunday and I’ll be preaching at Kairos church in Hollywood on March 1st. Kairos is pastored by one of my good friends JR Woodward and it is also part the Ecclesia Network which is our network of churches. (JR will actually be preaching at The Well the next week after that since he’ll be on the east coast for the Ecclesia National Gathering).

I was able to bring my wife along since I had a free ticket on Southwest Airlines. She has never been to LA so she’s pretty excited to say the least. We are also really looking forward to some time away just the two of us before our third child comes….

If you are in the LA area, I’d love to see you at the conference. Drop me a line if you will be there…