This summer we (both Melanie and I) will be heading to Guatemala City with ten other people from our church. From June 20-26 we will be serving some of the poorest people in the world in Central America’s largest slum called La Limonada. We need to raise approximately $600 total for this trip and we would be honored if you helped make this trip a reality through a financial gift.

Mason Carlos HiestandAs you may know, our middle son Mason Carlos is adopted from Guatemala. When we visited his birth country to bring him home two years ago, we left part of our hearts there. We have been longing to go back and serve there since we left two years ago. We are excited about this trip because we have the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with some locals who have been serving the poorest of the poor in Guatemala for about seventeen years. Our hope is that as our three boys grow older, we will be able to love and serve these beautiful people together. This trip is the first step towards realizing that dream.

This summer we will be working alongside the staff of a school that has been established in the La Limonada slum by an organization called Lemonade International. In a country where school is a privilege and not a right, those in the poorest neighborhoods are mostly denied access to education. In partnership with some locals, Lemonade International has helped set up and support 2 schools and a young church plant. These schools bring hope by providing quality education for the children of the slum, along with support services for families. In the context of this tangible and meaningful help, these kids and their families are experiencing the love of Christ in action. If you’d like to read more and see pictures, check out the website of the organization we will be serving with at you may visit:

If you would like to make a financial gift towards our trip you may do so on The Well’s website at: You may also send a check to The Well using the envelope provided. Thanks so much for your friendship. We greatly appreciate your prayerful consideration in partnering with us on this trip.