There was a group of 23 Koreans kidnapped by the Taliban last week. 23. Kidnapped. They are a christian group and the pastor of the group was the first killed and “Police in southeastern Ghazni province found Bae’s bullet-riddled body in the Qara Bagh district, where the Koreans were kidnapped.” Yesterday, they found the body of the second victim who has been killed. Apparently the Taliban are demanding the release of some prisoners and the Korean Government is refusing to comply.

You know where I read about this first? CNN? TV News? Ny Times? Nope. (In the NY Times, the story is buried halfway down the page behind an article about the possibility of Chealea Clinton being the second daughter for the second time. Seriously?)

I had to learn about this through a pastor’s blog. Along with Eugene Cho, I am outraged and completly confused as to why this is not bigtime news. I mean, I guess I am not totally confused. They aren’t Americans so they must not be important, right?!

So, in order to at least know how to pray, go read Eugene’s often updated post on the plight of these hostages. I’ve grown to really, really appreciate Eugene’s perspective on things…