After waiting about seven months for the application to process, i finally received my new Motorola Razr phone in the mail. I did one of those "fill out these six offers" things on the internet. i was skeptical it would work right up to the day that i received the phone in the mail.

this thing is nice. so small. so sleek. despite the fact that i am now much cooler than i was before, it actually does have some practical things about it that are the main reason i wanted it. the phone has bluetooth (yes, there are many other phones out there with BT, but hey, this one is cooler!). i can now sync my Powerbook’s address book and calendar with my phone wirelessly. i can also use it as a modem if need be and a nice little feature is that i can make and answer calls as well as send text messages with it from my computer as well. when someone calls, it flashes the caller ID up on my screen so i can see if want to take the energy to reach to wherever the phone is and pick it up. someday when i get one of those bluetooth headsets, i will be able to do it all without even touching my phone. man, i am lazy. oh well, at least i am cool.