After a kind suggestion from one of my professors at Biblical, I submitted a paper I wrote called, “The Gospel and the God Forsaken: The Challenge of the Missional Church in Suburban America” to the ETS regional student paper contest.

My basic premise was that the suburbs are one of the most “god-forsaken” places on the earth (despite its fancy and shiny exterior) and that if we are going to be the Church here, we need to start asking some fresh questions about what it means to be the church here. I tried to start asking some of those questions in my paper.

The paper didn’t win the contest, but it was still chosen to be read at the regional Evangelical Theological Society conference at Biblical Theological Seminary on March 23. I’ll be reading at 11:15 am in the student lounge. I’d love to have you come and listen if you are local.

I’ll post the paper here next Friday after I read it. (I actually posted it already and took it down, so if you saw it and you are looking for it, come back next Friday)…