In am sitting on the floor in O’Hare Airport recharging my computer waiting for my 1 hour delayed flight. I am heading down to Atlanta for a conference with Ken Callahan. I am looking forward to the time to get away with some quality R and R and good training in church leadership. This week keeps on coming with perk after perk..

– It’s all free. A good friend paid for my conference fees, food and hotel while I am down there. In fact, this friend got my into this conference very, very last minute.  So, I have five days of fully paid for time away learning from one of the best church leadership consultants in the country.

– First Class Airfare: The only thing I had to take care of to get to this conference was my airfare.  My dad had offered me a free plane ticket he had received so I promptly called him to see if I could redeem it for this trip.  Of course, he said yes but the only flight he could get was first class.  Oh darn.  This has been my first, first class experience and i have to say it has been quite enjoyable.  Though, it is kind of sad how everyone treats me much nicer just because I have two special words stamped on my boarding pass.

– Golf at Calloway Gardens Needless to say, this is going to be a nice afternoon!

– Two days with my dad.  My dad will be coming down for the last two days of the conference and we’ll get to spend some good time together.  Of course, this will include golf, but it will also include some great conversations about church and leadership.  He’s executive pastor of a large church in Deerfield, IL and its been great to have a dad as not only a mentor but a contemporary in ministry. They’ve been really trying to move this large ship to a more missional direction.  While this obviously looks much different in their context, we have a lot to talk about.

I am not sure if I’ll have internet down there, but one some level I really don’t care.  I am hoping to get a lot of prayer, study, planning and relaxing done. For those of you who are around The Well, you know its been a long few weeks for us and I could definitely use some recharging of my batteries.