Brad found this article from the Gospel and our Culture Network today and we spent some time reading through it.

It gives 12 indicators of a missional church. Its really a comprehensive and well thought out and well done article. Here are the 12 things.

I think am going to spend the next few weeks trying to interact with them more fully (i think this will be my first “series” on my blog), I’ll be posting my thoughts for you to converse with and make fun of.

Here are the 12 indicators:

1. The missional church proclaims the Gospel.
2. The missional church is a community where all members are involved in learning to become disciples of Jesus.
3. The Bible is normative in this church’s life.
4. The church understands itself as different from the world because of its participation in the life, death, and resurrection of its Lord.
5. The church seeks to discern God’s specific missional vocation for the entire community and for all of its members.
6. A missional community is indicated by how Christians behave toward one another.
7. It is a community that practices reconciliation.
8. People within the community hold themselves accountable to one another in love.
9. The church practices hospitality.
10. Worship is the central act by which the community celebrates with joy and thanksgiving both God’s presence and God’s promised future.
11. This community has a vital public witness.
12. There is a recognition that the church itself is an incomplete expression of the reign of God.