Finally, the details you’ve been waiting for (maybe…let me know if i missed anything)

invisible children global night commuteEvery day in Northern Uganda thousands of children commute from their homes in the bush to sleep the cities to avoid being abducted from their homes by rebel warriors.

On April 29th, thousands of people in the states will raise awareness to this tragic story by heading to selected spots in major cities to sleep in the streets.

We invite you to support this cause and help us raise awareness…

We will meet at The Well at 5:30 pm to eat and then take the train down to Love Park to sleep in the streets. We hope to take 25-30 people down to join the over 500 that have already committed this event in Philadelphia.

We hope to see you at The Well at 5:30 pm on April 29th. (Or just meet us in Love Park – but good luck finding us!)
You can find out more official information and sign up here.

What to bring? Only what NEED and only things you can carry in your backpack. (Oh, even though it fits in your backpack, don’t bring your ipod – we think you can live without it for one night!)