With the popularity of U2 and their promotion of the One Campaign as well as movies like Hotel Rwanda and now with Live8 coming up this weekend there has been an awesome amount of notice being taken to the poverty, wars, genocide and hunger on the continent of Africa.

If you have not been paying attention, it’s about time to because the stories coming out of this continent are simply mind blowing and downright horrible. Very quickly one becomes overwhelmed with a “what can I do that will actually matter?”

Until someone in our church came across the website for Invisible Children, I thought the only thing we can do is jump in where the big organizations are already doing things. However, this film brings things back down to reality a bit and makes helping a bit more accessible. The story that these three guys have to share is simply horrible, moving and heartbreaking. Go watch a few of the trailer and teaser and you will get a sense of what they stumbled onto on their way to make a movie in the Sudan.

After getting a copy of this film and watching it, we decided that The Well would be a great place to have a screening of the entire film. So, we contacted the people who made the movie and we are excited to announce that we will be screening the film on July 23rd @ 7:30 pm.

We are taking a little different approach to it by combining it with our concert series. We will show the film in two parts between two local bands that have agreed to play a benefit concert for us.

You can find more info on this event on the front page of The Well’s website…if you are in the area, please come on by and also, help us get the word out!