I was giving a friend a ride this evening after our small group and on the way home the water pump on our grand am went out. i limped it to our mechanic who is about 100 yards from our house. this is a problem because my wife and son are out of town with our only other car till friday. i have to work in the early am (thankfully my co-worker lives around the block and can give me a ride…now i just have to find a way home) and i am supposed to head to NYC with LT the rest of the day. we’ll see how thigns work out…it stinks not having a car. perhaps even more annoying is the fact that we will have to fork out some cash to get it fixed…something that is in short supply these days…another lesson in trust i guess. 🙂

oh. i also left the keys in the car so they could work on it. I then wisely proceeded to lock the doors so no one could steal it…and so my mechanic couldn’t get in either! It was one of those things where once the door was closed i knew what i had done. like i said, its not easy being me.