From this article, unworthy of my linking to it, but this kind of stuff makes me so angry. I suppose this moron would say that my uncle got lost in the woods because of some deep sin. What a bunch of bull crap. (i would be tempted to say worse, but my mom reads this blog).

Don’t grieve for Kyle Lake, my friends; grieve for all of those who never heard the words “sinner,” “shed blood,” “repent,” “resurrection” or the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached!

And please don’t write me to say what a kind, wonderful, generous, loving and funny person Rev. Lake was because that’s not a sufficient replacement for proclaiming the whole counsel of God; and I’m quite sure Ananias, Sapphira, Hymenaeus, Alexander and Philetus were all dearly loved and treasured by their friends, family and followers as well….

The folks at University Baptist Church and The Associated Baptist Press might consider Rev. Lake’s death an accident; but I assure you, as Romans 8:28 clearly teaches, there is no such thing between the Alpha and the Omega.

It happened; and it happened for a reason.

He didn’t die a martyr’s death, like Stephen, courageously proclaiming God’s Word to angry men bearing stones. He wasn’t beaten, crucified or burned at the stake for his unwillingness to renounce his faith in God. Lake was killed trying to baptize someone in front of an adoring audience; and the Lord stopped him dead in his tracks.