Ok, if you are part of The Well, heck even if you are not, join me as I study through John 11 a bit this week. I’ll be preaching from this passage on Sunday but I want to invite you to read along with me as I study and I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions to the passage. Feel free to leave some comments in this post. I am a big, big fan of reflecting on the scriptures in community so please join in…

Some questions / thoughts to get you started:

  • What is the significance of this being the Mary that poured the perfume on Jesus’ feet?
  • Why did Jesus weep when he knew Lazarus would be raised from the dead?
  • Why did Jesus decide to stay two days after he was told that Lazarus was sick?
  • Notice the two different reactions between Mary & Martha. Are they significant?

Anyone have any more observations or questions?