I am inviting you to join my little giving community where we will come together to each give $15/month to support Lemonade International and the people of La Limonada in Guatemala City.

Here’s why? 

I am a firm believer that together we can accomplish more than we can alone.

It is sometimes hard to feel like you are making a significant impact when you are acting by yourself.  It feels like a drop in the bucket, a page in a Tom Clancy book, a sock in a laundry basket full of little kids clothes…

What’s really fun, and conveniently quite effective, is when you bring a bunch of people together, you can make a significant difference.

You can move mountains, build a boat, fold a whole load of children’s laundry.

So, that’s what I am inviting you to today.

Would you join me in supporting those who are serving in the largest urban slum in Central America?

You might know that I am absolutely in love with the people of La Limonada in Guatemala City.  This beautiful community is home to 600,00-100,000 of the most amazing people in the world. Yet, they live in a seemingly endless cycle of poverty.

All cities have a community where you “just don’t go there.

In Guatemala City, this community is La Limonada.

There is even a saying in Guatemala City that “even Santa Claus doesn’t visit La Limonada.”

They have gone there, lived there and served there. They have given their hearts, their minds, their souls.

They have gone, and continue to go, where Jesus has gone and continues to go.

So, I want to invite you to join me in giving $15/month to support my dear friends through their partner organization, Lemonade International.

How do you start?

Simply click the button below, and set up your minimum recurring donation of $15/month. Of course, if you want to give more than that each month, feel free!

So, let’s make an impact together…

Join me today

What are the perks of joining?

  • We get to know that our collective funds are going to help support a place in deep need.
  • A random drawing every few months for some fun stuff for members (Lemonade International t-shirts, relevant books, etc).
  • For those of you who have been to La Limonada: I hope this give you a tangible way to give towards the work of which you are already apart.