Language of Belonging - Joe Myers’ websiteI just launched the new website for Joe Myers, author of the book, The Search to Belong and the upcoming book Organic Community. If you have ever visited Joe’s site in the past, you know that he’s been due for an upgrade.

Joe will be doing some blogging and posting links to articles that he has found helpful in his research on community, organic order and belonging.

Joe’s first book (Search to Belong) has had a lot of influence on our community life at The Well and I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve read the manuscript for Organic Community and find it just as good, if not better.

Its funny, I have found that many pastors struggle with the content but most parishioners are like, “yeah, duh, isn’t that how we should be doing it anyways?”

So, head on over to Joe’s new website and take a look around. We’re still filling in the content but at least you can harass him on his public message wall.