Dear blog readers,

I wanted to officially invite you to a conference that I go to every year with Joe Myers (author of Search to Belong and Organic Community).

Now, I’ve been to conference after conference in my young pastoral career. Many of them have been stimulating. But it seems like I am hearing the same thing over and over again. And, honestly, I’m done hearing about how the church needs to be “missional” or “emergent” and how we need to change because the culture is changing. Ok, I get that already. I’ve had it pounded into my brain over and over again. I get it.

Now, those conferences are important, but I need something else at this stage in my pastoral life… Perhaps you’ve had the same experience.

I have found what I need is some help figuring out how this all “works.” I need answers to questions like:

  • How does one set up a church organizational structure that is inherently missional?
  • How does one help cultivate a church environment that helps to motivate a community of people to be missional, generous and intentional about being the church?
  • Why is there a disconnect between what we preach / how we lead and what people hear?
  • How do I take the ideas and dreams that have been festering and work them out in a helpful, sustainable way?
  • How do we really grow the giving of our congregation so that we can see our vision / mission realized?

I have found the most help from the most unlikely place: A 75 year old guy named Ken Callahan who really “gets it.”

You’ve likely never heard of him. But you’ve seen the results of his work. He’s the main giving consultant for The Salvation Army, only one of the most effective charitable organizations ever. He’s also written over 10 books that are immensely helpful to what we’re trying to do and is one of the most sought after church consultants of our day (especially in the south).

I could list credentials for a few paragraphs, but I won’t. I will just say this: No one has influenced my day-to-day leadership at The Well more than Ken has.

Oh, and if you like Joe Myers’ stuff, you’ll love Ken. Ken is Joe’s mentor. At the first conference I went to, before it started Joe said to me, “In about 3 minutes you’ll realize that I have never had an original thought in my life.” Now, to be fair, that’s not true. Joe’s books are testimonies to that. But, his point was well taken. Ken has had a major impact on his life. I will now say the same. He’s had a major impact on my life (and I honestly say that I have never had an original thought in my life!).

So, I’d ask you to consider joining me in Atlanta from February 25th – 29th. If we get enough of us we can get a condo together and save money on food and lodging.

If you are interested, or have questions, please let me know. You can check out the website and register for the conference at:

Who is Joe Myers?