From Growing Leaders by Design, by Harold Longenecker

“A new vision for leadership is sorely needed, for most churches are full of ordinary Christians who want to make a difference byt aren’t sure how to do it. Trying to cultivate biblical qualifications for leadership, they seem unsure of the process. Some who seem to be unqualified become leaders, even as others who appear to be qualified go nowhere. After asking questions but getting few answers, Christians often conclude that leadership is gained by some mysterious providence or, more likely, by being “in” with the right poeple and playing politics. So, they give up.” (p. 20)

Yes, the author is my Grandfather…he’s hanging out there with my son..


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“When a man, by virtue of an official position in the church demands the obedience of another, irrespective of the latter’s reason and conscience, this is the spirit of tyranny. When, on the other hand…he is able to influence and enlighten another so that the latter, through the medium of his own reason and conscience, is led to alter one course or adopt another, that is true spiritual leaderhip.” (p. 28) – (this last part was a quote from a quote by D.E. Hoste)

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“Servant leaders are not just there, waiting to be picked, They require a suitable climate in which to grow and mature, and it is the task of Christian leaders to help create that climate. A chruch or group that creates a climate in which God’s people can become all that His grace can make them will inevitably grow leaders…” (p. 26)

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