I was driving my car today through town and saw this sign on a gas station / car wash. This is one of those higher end car washes that does the whole car, inside and out.

The marquee says, “We really know how to clean your car right.”

Now, on some level this is a little simplistic and cheesy. But honestly, I am really drawn to this. If I were to decide to go get my car washed (which, if you’ve seen my car you know that I wouldn’t) I would go to this place.

Why? I love their confidence. I love the fact that they are convinced that they know what they are doing. I really feel like if I were to give them my car, I would get a clean one back.

This makes me wonder, how much do we lead and speak with this kind of confidence? As one preaches, am I speaking softly and weakly saying, “You know, it might be nice and really good, if you want, uh, to you know, uh, follow Jesus…if you want.” Or, are we speaking confidently and succinctly? “My life has been changed by Jesus. I believe he is the Messiah, the one who is making all things new. You should follow him too.”

When I am leading, am I saying, “Hey, if you want to, maybe, if you have time, uh, you might think about becoming part of this ministry in some kind of way.” Or, are we inviting people and speaking confidently? “If you feel called to this ministry, we invite you to engage it with the whole of your lives. It might get hard and difficult but it will be totally worth it.”

Perhaps the problem is that we’re not as confident in our Messiah or our calling as this little car wash is that they really know how to clean your car right.

Now, I am not saying we ignore our weaknesses. Not at all, I am saying we take our weaknesses for what they are allow God to do his mighty work through them and live and speak confidently. Live and speak as if He is the Messiah and that He is the King and that He has called us to be his witnesses…after all, you do believe that don’t you?

Update: After I posted this I read this fantastic blog post by PRO Blogger about the blogger inferiority complex. I think this applies here. How often have you said, “we’re not a huge church” or some way of apologizing to others or even trying to make sure they aren’t let down.