I'm and underlining fool.

I'm an underlining fool.

Today is my day off so I’ve been doing my best to stay off the computer. While Mason has been napping and Cole watching a short video, I’ve been reading a new book that finally came by way of USPS today.

I am the kind of person who has to read with a pencil in my hand (preferably a Pentel Forte .05 mechanical pencil as pictured above). If I don’t have a pencil, I probably just won’t read. Underlining really helps me concentrate, retain and also helps when I go back over the book later remember what I found helpful. I’ll confess it also makes me feel smart.

Today as I was reading, Cole asked me why I was writing lines in my book. I explained to him that I underline the parts of the book that I want to easily find again and remember. So, he jumped off the sofa and went to get his obscure Christmas novel that he randomly picked out last Christmas when we were at Goodwill buying ugly holiday sweaters. (It was kinda funny, the book’s main character is named Cole…coincidence? I think not!). After he got his book, he got a pen and began randomly underlining different parts of the book. (I’ll teach him about the wonderful world of mechanical pencils later)

It was too cute.

I took a picture.

Go and see for yourself.