Last fall I was at The Idea Camp conference in Washington D.C. While I was there I learned that there was some guy representing an organization from Guatemala called Lemonade International. Since our second son is adopted from there, and we had a desire to serve that country, I sought him out as quickly as possible. Little did I know that Bill Cummings and I would hit it off so well.

Fast forward 8 months later and here I am sitting in the Lemonade House in Guatemala City. Tomorrow we will meet the people who live in the community of La Limonada.

We have a long week ahead of us and we’re not totally sure what God is going to do with us and those we will get to know. Mostly, we are excited to learn from them and begin what we pray is a long-term friendship with Tita and the many volunteers who work here with the children, the gang members and the parents in this impoverished community.

If I have the energy, I’ll some more updates this week.

Right now? I’m just really, really tired from airports and flying and $6 hotdogs at Miami airport.