“And this is the real and eternal life: They they know you, the one and only God and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.”

John 17:3-4- The Message

Reading through the book of John has been interesting to see how many times Jesus refrences the idea of “life.” How he has come to bring “life” to mankind. It’s interesting that for so long I have only thought of this in terms of life after death. But, it seems like its so much more than that. Here he says that real and eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ. This is a present tense thing. I think that focusing too much on the afterlife side of eternal life (which is important) is sometimes dangerous because we forget that Jesus came to bring life now as well…

“and my life is on display in them”

I love the way that The Message words this verse. What a humbling thought. I have spent my life wanting to say that my life is a display of Jesus. But, after reading the book of John here, I am realizing that its so hard to “display Christ” day in and day out. To really do this…wow…I can see God teaching me more and more what it really means…and I can see God teaching me more and more that I am so far away. I guess this is where God’s grace is so important!