The following quote from the book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott that I am reading for my design work has got my creative, brainstorming juices flowing in relation to church websites.

Here is the quote:

“Website content too often simple describes what an organization or product does from an egotistical perspective. While information about your organization and products is certainly valuable on the inner pages of your site, what visitors really want is content that first describes the issues and problems they face and then provides details on how to solve these problems.”

then they write,

“It’s all about delivering content when and where it is needed and, in the process, branding you and your organization as a leader.”

Just a question:

What if church websites were more focused on giving value to their local community than telling the world how great they are?

What if, instead, instead church websites posted movie reviews of current films, reviews of local secular (gasp!) music, advice on finances and managing money, biblical marital advice, raising kids, dealing with relationships. You know, stuff that the Church should have something to say about.

It would be a ton of work from a group of committed people, but sounds like might have a redesign coming soon… who knows.