Allow me the pleasure of introducing to you our new soon to be adopted son! We just got our referral, which is kind of like the ultimate ultrasound because we get pictures instead of a blurry, grainy black and white image.

Carlos Armando Escobar Soto (Yes, Cole is disturbed because his name is not “Mason,” we’ll work that out later!)

Born October 30, 2006 at 6:30pm in Colonia de la Independencia, Guatemala

We’re not sure when we will get to bring him home from Guatemala so there will be more details to follow (update: apparently it will be about 5-6 months)…for now, just take a good look at our beautiful child.

UPDATE: So, we just found out that we need to send $10,000 to Guatemala City first thing tomorrow morning (yes, adoption is expensive and this is not our last payment). We do have about $7K of it ready to go and will probably get a cash advance in the morning for the rest. But, if you are able and would like to help with this feel free to: 1) mail a gift – contact us for our address or 2) Donate via paypal.