Growing up in chicago, I grew up watching Michael Jordan and the Bulls in their heyday. I pretty much worshipped Jordan and had all of his and the Bulls championship videos memorized I had watched them so much. I spent som down time on youtube today and found some treasures…

Watch all of Jordan’s 59 on Detroit in 1988

Watch all of Jordan’s 69 points against Cleveland

ESPN’s version of Jordan’s best 40 moments. Check out the move at 3:19 in the movie against the Nets. Its what I believe is his second best move ever.

The best move ever you ask? It’s this one over Ewing. He simply makes Starks and Oakley look stupid and then just demoralizes Ewing.

While this top ten jordan dunks is good they mess up the #1. (the dunk on Ewing is #2). #4 is pretty amazing too.