Coming upon Easter, reading this was a great reminder what this is all about…i think it might be safe to say that the resurrection plays a pretty big role in this too…perhaps Guder meant the whole event of the cross and that would include his resurrection. to me, its the resurreciton that gives the message power, hope, life, etc…anyways, great thought here:

“The suffering and death of Jesus, as has been said, form the very center of his messianic mission. Its newness is then emphasized and endorsed by the empowering presence of God’s spirit, who equips the apostolic community to become God’s missionary people. The community spreads from Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria to the ends of the world, to make this good news known. From Pentecost on, the church must be understood primarily and centrally in terms of its mission as God’s people. This is the reason it exists, and for this purpose the promised Holy Spirit is given to it.”
Darrell Guder – The Continuing Conversion of the Church