A few months ago I made an early announcement of a seminar we are hosting at The Well on the topic of the missional church in suburbia.  We are honored to be able to bring in Al Hsu.  Al is the author of the book, The Suburban Christian.  I read this book last year and found it really, really helpful.  Al not only gets the missional church stuff but also really gets the under the surface issues around the development of suburbia and the calleges that the church faces in this context.

So, get off your over busy, suburban, individualized, consumer-driven butts and sign up for this seminar!

The seminar is August 9, 2008 from 9am – 4pm.

On Friday night the 8th we’ll be having an open house at The Well for those who want to hang out and get to know some people. This time will be free and will also be an event for the Philly Emergent Cohort.

You can see the schedule for Saturday and more details here.

The cost is a mere $25 for the day and that includes lunch.

Just for the record, there will be lots of coffee for the event from One Village Coffee, a local roaster in our area.  And yes, its 100% fair trade and organic.  I like to call it super tasty and super good for the farmer.

The event will be in partnership with the Ecclesia Network and C4ML of Biblical Seminary.


There is room for about 80 spots so sign up quickly…