I have done a good amout of reading about the missional church, incarnational church, etc. At The Well, we’re doing our best to embody these values. Sometimes we do well, other times we really stink it up.

Most of the concrete examples I have seen in most of my reading and personal interaction with people have been examples of churches and communities in urban settings. While I am really excited to see God using communities in the urban setting (the need is so great) I wonder:

What does the missional incarnational church look like in the suburbs?

I ask this because that is where I am. That is where I live. I have heard a few people say that the missional, incarnational church works in the urban setting but not the suburban setting. I say “hogwash.”

God calls the church to embody the gospel and incarnate the love of Christ in all cultures. Not just the city full of cultural creatives!

I realize that being missional in suburbia is quite a challange (one that i face every day) but I am convinced, despite its amazign challanges, it is possible!

So, somebody share with me their ideas, what does it mean to be missional in suburbia?

(I have some thoughts on this, but i’d be more interested to hear some others’ thoughts. Perhaps this is not something many of us have thought about much. This would be sad because I am personally convinved that one of the most godless places on this earth is the world’s comfortable, isolated, time-crunched, money driven, suburban communities).

Okay, shortly after i wrote this, i have googled “missional & suburbia” and came up with some at least one good article and another blog: