Going on this idea that prayer is about forming our hearts and lives as much (if not more) as it is about petitioning God we read from the book Franciscan Prayer:

“…union with Christ, in the spirit of sacrificial love, is the fruit of prayer. Union with God for Francis is not some type of angelic state that exempts one from the difficulties of life. Quite the opposite. Union with God is to be like the Son, wholly attentive to the will of the Father out of love and obedience. Christ’s love impelled him to voluntarily choose death by submitting to the will of the Father. In this was did Christ glorify the Father. If we sum up these ideas in light of Francis’ life and writings we could say that union with the Father means to follow the way of the cross. To love in the spirit of martyrdom is the part to happiness and eternal life.” (page. 99)

Again, prayer is something that helps us become more like Christ. This effects the way we see others, serve others and should lead to our journey towards being able to give up everything to follow Jesus.

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