Right now, my personal blog life is kind of in a holding pattern. I often go through these “why do I blog” phases in life and I am in the midst of one of those. Here’s why:

I am finding myself working almost 12 hours a day somedays between my church life and my webdesign life. I am trying to put up some boundries with both so that I am more productive and more valuable to each. But, when you work each night  about twice a week from 10pm-2am (mostly on design stuff) and then get up and work from 9am – 5pm it makes for a long day. Thankfully I am able to spend good time iwth my family in the mornings (tues and wed  am home with Cole till noon) and in the evenings and that is not suffering. I know that i cannot keep this pace up for the rest of my life, but its the season i am in right now. I am still figuring out this bi-vocational life and its been so rewarding for myself and my church. Needless to say, blogging takes a back seat.

If for some strange reason you will miss my writing, take a trip over to www.meremission.org where I am part of a group blog of pastors and lay people who are working out and sharing our stories on what it means to be christians and lead churches in an increasingly post-christian culture. This is a blog that I designed and started and have found it really valuable. There is still time to join if you want to participate.

I also have two books that I will be doing reviews of in the next coming weeks. I received a free copy of the book “Change or Die” by Alan Deutschman and a free copy of Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders by Earl Creps if I agreed to review them here on my blog. I have started both and they are both helpful. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into them.

So, if you miss me, feel free to let me know. But I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the adoption. In the meantime, join the conversation over at MereMission.