So, a bit ago i came across the first website I ever made. I was suprised to find that it’s not really that bad. Though, it is kinda funny.

It is still hosted on geocities and I don’t know how long it will stay live, but its been at least 4 years old from what i can tell.

I made it because we were raising support for the internship i had started at the church where i am now one of the pastors. man, its been an interesting journey since then.

I have never done this on my blog, but just in case you are interested, we are still raising support for my position here at The Well. We have a newer website for that purpose here (which I had to redo so there is still a lot of content missing).

If you feel inspired to be part of the team that supports us in prayer and even financially, feel free to contact me or visit that website. We’re in the midst of trying to replace some missed support from 2005 and add some for 2006.