I was inspired by Joe Thorn, another suburban pastor, to share with you all (whoever you are) how I use my Moleskines. If you have one, you know why these things have a little cult following. If you don’t have one…well… you just aren’t very cool.

I have spent the last 7 years of my life since graduating college trying to figure out the best way to keep my tasks and thoughts organized. Somewhere along the way I was introduce to the wonderful world of the Moleskine.

Here’s how I use these things:

Large Cashier Squared Notebook: I use this brown notebook to take notes, brainstorm and think through things. I have learned that I am often able to brainstorm new ideas, sermon outlines and thoughts better when I write.

Pocket Ruled Notebook: I use this one for managing tasks. One task per line with the date in front of it. Cross it off when I am done. I manage larger, long term projects with a computer based program called “Things” because this allows me to delete and move stuff around in a way that a paper environment doesn’t.

Writing instrument: I am a lefty so its always been a struggle to find a pen I like that won’t smear all over my hand as I write. I dream of being able to use a fountain pen but it just doesn’t work for me. For a while I was a typical frustrated left hander pen user until I found the Uni-Ball Jetstream. Its a like one of those gel rollers but it doesn’t smear at all. The combination of this pen and these notebooks makes for a very smooth writing experience.

Its funny, despite my love for computers, I work and think best on paper for some things.

You can view more images of how I use these here.