Unless you are reading through an RSS feed, you will notice that I changed the design to my site. I didn’t really do this just because I got bored, but more so because I feel like I am processing some different things these days.

My last design was inspired by my sincere belief that suburban america is one of the hardest places to authentically and radically follow Jesus. I still think that is the case. Just read back a few posts and you’ll see that pretty clearly.

Despite that, I feel as if I am entering into something new these days. I’ve felt God calling me to make a direct and intentional commitment to the more some of the more inward parts of my spiritual life.

Over the last four years, working in a secular work environment, God has given me a vision and passion for being and living the message of Jesus in a public manner. I am now challanged with how to maintain this public witness in a little bit more full-time role at the church.

In the process of growing this passion, I have had a hard time cultivating the inward spiritual disciplines. I have seen the results in some obvious ways and some more subtle ways. I have been very convicted to build some disciplined practices into my daily routine. For me, this means getting up at 6:00 ish and spending at least a 1/2 hour to hour reading, praying and journaling. The last thing I want to do is fit this into my pastoral work. I feel the need to take the time out of my personal time.

That is what the new look is for. I have been trying to spend some time: searching. wondering. listening.

hope you enjoy.