I have this amazingly bad habit of reading about 10-15 different books at at time and never being more than 50 pages into each one. Also, i ususally don’t enough on different subjects. In an effort to actually read WHOLE books and also read across a spectrum of topics, I have adopted for myself a new reading program.

I will now be only reading four books at a time. Here are my four categories and the books i am now reading.

1. The church/pastoral leaderhip – Book: Under the Unpredictable Plant – Eugene Peterson
2. Personal Discipleship – Book: The Lost Message of Jesus – Steve Chalke
3. Marraige and parenting – Book: Not sure yet…
4. Theology – Book: The Prophetic Imagination – Walter Brueggemann

We’ll see how this goes. (i am too lazy to go to amazon and get links for these, sorry)

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