So, since I am going to Zambia I needed to get a new pair of glasses that weren’t held together buy duct tape.  I wear contacts most of the time but really needed a backup just in case anything happens while I am there.  So, I heard of and went ahead and picked out a frame.  The catch with these cheap glasses is that you can’t really try on the frames before you order. So, its kind of a shot in the dark on some level.  Of course, I went for a little bit of a more radical look for me so I really am interested in your thoughts on my new frames.

My wife, Melanie, is in the “they might grow on me” category and I’m there still too.  With that said, here they are (if you want to enlarge them for some strange reason, you can click on them):

New Glasses

New Glasses 2

So, here’s your chance, vote away:

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