NT Wright and Friends

NT Wright and Friends,
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LIke I mentioned last week in my fancy new “asides” section, I headed down for a three hour trek to Washington DC to hear NT Wright lecture on his new book, Simply Christian.

The lecture was fantastic as expected. A few thoughts from the evening:

1) How about that pink shirt with the collar? Very European I guess. I think if i were to wear a collar this is the look i might try and pull off…or maybe not.

2) The content of his lecture was about what i expected as i have read half the book but it was helpful to hear why he wrote it the way he did and why he structured it the way he did.

3) The Washington National Cathedral is nothing short of spectacular. You can check out some of the pics by looking at the images above.

4) I recorded the talk, i’ll be uploading it to my site as soon as i find a way to shrink the file size a bit.

5) If I have time, I’ll post some of my thoughts from the talk when i have more time…