The last two weeks we have been talking about healing at The Well from John chapter 5. It’s been a fun two weeks as I looked at the more personal side of the healing passage and Gary looked at the theological side of the topic. You can listen to our two messages off of our church podcast (automatically subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here and view the message archives here)

I am reading NT Wright’s new book, “Simply Christian” and came across this quote that captured a lot of what Gary was saying on Sunday,

“Jesus didn’t see healings as some kind of premodern traveling hospital. He wasn’t healing the sick just for the sake of it, important though the healing itself was. Nor was it just a way of attracting people to listen to his message. Rather, the healing was a dramatic sign of the message itself. God, the world’s creator, was at work through him, to do what he had promised, to open blind eyes and deat ears, to rescue people, to turn everything right side up.”

On a side note, this is a great book and i would recommend it to anyone who has been a Christian for quite some time as well as someone who is just seeking Jesus and looking into his claims and his story. Go, buy the book now. It’s worth it.